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 December 2000, “HISTORICAL ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION POLICIES : ANKARA”, Published by Ministry of Culture, No : 2520.

In this study, conservation policies about histrorical conservation areas of Ankara (Ulus, Kaleiçi, Hacıbayram, 
Suluhan etc) evaluated since from the beginning of the Republican Period. 

First planning efforts from Prof. Hermann Jansen and its conservation decisions till the pioneering conservation 
aimed planning efforts of Municipality of Ankara especially after 1980's, which the outhor has been take part in most 
of them.

At the end of the book, a total of 807 decisions in between 1985 - 1992 of Ankara Preservation Council of Cultural
and Natural Heritage . As a result of this review, Ankara protection qualities and resolutions of the Board and Board 
policy changes over the years emerged distributions were investigated.

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